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We are capable of developing a Web based customized eCommerce software for small and medium size businesses to upgrade their services similar to any big online retail store. Our revolutionary eCommerce solution will enable any store to buy and sell their products, manage their inventory, and automate customer payments online with utmost customer satisfaction. The software will help business grow exponentially and be competitive in the market. We are also working on a product which will enable businesses to give their customer buy their products in store without standing in lines with our ‘Scan to Buy’ solution. Please enquire more if you are looking similar solution for your store.

Focussing on:

  • Easy to maintain the product master and inventory management.
  • Scan to Buy using mobile apps in store without any manual intervention.
  • Automated customer payments using leading payments options like paypal and credit cards.
  • Workflow based online order processing for dleivery and in store pickup options.
  • AI based customer buying profile and targeted sales promotion based on buying habits.
  • AI based chatbot interections to increase cuatomer satisfaction and productivity.
  • Promoting sales to customers by email and text-based communication.
  • Integration with distributors or wholeseller for automatic purchase order management.